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Cutting Tools, Punching, Metal Forming . . .
Dayton Coatings Technologies' PVD Coatings Will
Significantly Increase Your Tool Life.

  • CUTTING TOOLS - DCT proprietary Edge Prep™ and engineered PVD
    coatings will help you maximize the life of your cutting tools.  Get the competitive edge,
    push your tool to the limit and win new business today.
  • PUNCHING - A properly coated punch will last 3-5 times longer.  DCT adds Die-Life™
    to all metal stamping components.
  • METAL FORMING - Draw dies and coining details can wear out quickly. 
    DCT’s unique Physical Vapor Deposition coating process adds lubricity and hardness
    to fight friction.  Expensive tooling will run more consistent parts and decrease your
    maintenance costs.